Benefits of Horse Riding explained

There is something special about horses and the time spent with them, allowing us to return to our usual world restored and refreshed. Besides horse back riding being a great physical exercise where we get to burn calories and tone our muscles while enjoying nature, horses help us to socialize and meet people with similar interests.

Horse trail riding also works towards improving our body awareness, as we need to be aware of our bodies and the seat at all times. This can be of great help in future challenging life situations where coordination and stability are required. Horse riding is great for children too, since it helps them to work on their balance, core strength and muscles. Our horse riding tours are easily suitable for your youngest ones, enhancing their learning abilities and supporting them with self-confidence development as they progress in their riding skills. Not to mention the amount of fun they are bound to have!

Which are the most important benefits that horse riding brings us?
  • Physical benefits of horseback riding are among the most obvious and easiest to tell. Overall muscle strengthening, improvement of blood circulation, boosting of the cardiovascular system, reflex acceleration, increased joint mobility and favorable influence on digestion are just a few of the best perks of horse riding.
  • Studies have shown that horseback riding can improve children’s cognitive abilities, as the vibrations produced by horses are said to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which can then lead to improved learning. Riding also makes sure you keep your brain exercised as you get familiar with the animal and start the tour, gradually building your confidence. In addition to these, improving memory and concentration as well as developing one’s problem-solving skills are some of the mental benefits of horseback riding that are definitely worth mentioning.
  • For many of us horse riding is a relaxing way to reduce accumulated stress. Spending time in nature hanging out with animals provides us with feelings of safety and comfort, while socializing with the tour group makes us feel as part of the community. Emotional benefits of horseback riding are numerous, but they can all be summed up in one shared result – it makes us happier.
Horses are one of the most amazing creatures in the world, while their size and grace certainly make us act in awe every time we are in their company. That’s why, no matter if you are a beginner or with many kilometers in a saddle behind you, you can count on never forgetting your horse riding experience at Samy’s Ranch Medulin!