A beginner’s guide to Horse Riding

Your first horse riding experience can be a bit scary. You might be afraid that you won’t be able to stay in the saddle for a while, or that your horse may kick you off, or even that he will not want to move once he feels your nervousness. No need to worry – this is completely normal! Even the most experienced and awarded rider was once a beginner, who worked his way through hours and hours of patience, practice and endurance.

If you are ready to give it a try, a guided horseback riding tour might just be what you are looking for! You will get to experience the good sides of horseback riding, while feeling assured that someone professional has your back at all times. Before embarking on your saddled journey, there are a few steps you should make sure to think of:

  • Wear suitable clothes and comfortable footwear. Long pants and close-toed shoes work well, while shorts, beach sandals, purses or any similar accessories should be avoided. If you have long hair, we suggest to tie it up in a ponytail or bun so that it doesn’t distract you. Helmets will be provided by our horse ranch.
  • Even though you might be frightened, don’t forget that the horse is a living creature and he may as well be nervous or scared as someone new is riding him. When the guide introduces you to your horse, slowly greet him with the back of your hand. This enables him to smell and get to know you.
  • Try to mount the horse with confidence, as he can feel your hesitation. Don’t push him down with your arms, but rather use his back just for balance.
  • In order to best keep control of your horse, aim to sit up straight and tall with your back relaxed. Hold the reins gently and keep your balance centered, not to be a heavier load to the horse. Keep in mind that the more you are able to control your rhythm, the more in tune with the horse you will be.
  • Look at the trail ahead of you. Your horse will probably be beautiful and you will easily be tempted to lay your eyes on him, but don’t forget that it’s your task to follow the road and lead the horse. A straight posture accompanied by keeping sight of the path is usually enough to have a safe horse riding experience.
  • When you’re ready to dismount, first check that your horse is still. Take both your feet out of the stirrups, lean forward, swing your right leg over the horse and jump off. Congratulations – you have just finished your very first horseback riding adventure!
If you’re still dwelling on it, Samy’s Ranch Medulin horse riding holidays are the perfect choice for you, as you will be able to take your time in getting to know your horse, slowly building your relationship and confidence, while exploring some of Istria’s best sights and gastro delicacies. Contact us for more information!