Why is quad safari the perfect choice for a fun day out

Quad or all-terrain-vehicle / ATV offroad bikes are vehicles that travel on low pressure tires, with a seat straddled by the operator, and with handlebars for steering control. Quads are designed to handle a variety of terrain that most other vehicles cannot.
There are two types of ATV vehicles – those intended for single use and those intended for use by the driver and one passenger (tandem ATVs). It’s strongly advised to wear a helmet when driving it. The bike is ridden like a motorcycle, with the extra wheels providing more stability at slower speeds. In order to ride on quad bikes, you will need to have a valid B category drivers’ license.

Now, enough with the boring bit! :)
When talking about quad bike tours, things like adventure, fun and nature pop in our minds. This is totally expected as quads (or ATVs) are meant to give us a feeling of freedom while following less accessible roads in the outdoors. But besides that, quad bikes provide us with a lot more benefits. We will name only a few, and then it’s up to you to board a bike and start adding to the list!
  • Quad biking offers a unique way to explore your surroundings. You can travel further and faster than if cycling or walking, and you get to spend time in nature. Our quad tours take you on an exciting journey through woods, dirt and history, and on two of them you get the chance to cherish some of the breathtaking views on the Adriatic Sea.
  • A great feature of quad safari tours is that you can share the fun with your family and friends. Quad bike experience for two is one of our most sought after services, as drivers change their turns so that each can enjoy the thrill and excitement which riding an ATV provides. We can promise that you will have a lot to talk about once the ride is finished!
  • Various studies have shown the importance of vitamin D (“the sunshine vitamin”) for our health. It is unique compared to other vitamins because it can be made in the skin if it’s exposed to sunlight. During our ATV tours, you will spend a certain time in the sun, enhancing your general well-being and the production of this vitamin.
  • ATVs help you get rid of stress while having fun. If you tend to seek adventure and struggle with everyday stress (triggered by work or personal life), quad adventure ride is a great choice for boosting your self-confidence and reducing the amount of accumulated stress. Spending time in nature also works toward recharging your batteries and fueling your positivity. However, an important thing to have in mind during any quad guided tours is that your safety should be your and your guide’s priority. We do not race, we drive fast enough for the tours to be fun, but slow enough to be safe.
If properly handled, quad bikes can bring an endless amount of fun and thrill while keeping you safe and sound. No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced driver, you can join our tours at Samy’s Ranch Medulin (south Istria) and discover flora and fauna beauties that lie hidden off-road. Contact us to book your quad safari or to request more information.