How to prepare for an awesome quad tour

In case you were wondering where to ride ATVs in Istria, here’s your answer! Samy’s Ranch Medulin (near Pula) offers ATV adventure rides which are among the best things to do in Istria during summer, especially if you are a nature lover in search of a thrilling trip through woods, hidden roads and the seaside.

No previous quad bike experience is needed, although the guide adapts to the group. This means that, if all of you are beginners, we will keep a slower pace, allowing for everyone to feel good and drive safely. If the whole group already has some experience in riding a quad, we will go faster but still slow enough to stay safe at all times.

So, you’ve booked your ATV tour at Samy’s Ranch, you’ve hyped up the whole group and can’t wait for it to start. There are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to make this experience amazing and unforgettable. Here they are:
  • Dress accordingly to the weather. Quad tours are adventurous and fun both during sunny and rainy weather, but make sure to put on some appropriate & comfortable clothes and shoes. If your tour includes a swimming break, remember to bring your bathing suit as it might not be the best feeling in the world to ride back in wet clothes.
  • Try to minimize the carrying of personal stuff. Each vehicle has a trunk where one bag can be stored during the tour. It is advised to bring only essentials, along with a bottle of water.
  • A valid B (cars) drivers’ license is mandatory. Quads are off-road vehicles but on our tours we pass the road, so drivers need to bring their license. During each tour, the drivers will have a chance to switch so don’t forget your license if you are planning to drive the quad.
  • Join the ranch and your guide before the planned start of the tour. Ideally, you should arrive 20 minutes prior to your quad experience to have enough time for briefing and safety instructions.
  • Racing is not permitted. Quad guided tours can be a thrilling and amusing experience without compromising anyone’s safety. Our main goal is to make this a memorable day out for the whole group, so please respect each other and your guide.
  • Prepare for a great ATV adventure ride (and a bit of dirt)!
If you feel you need more information or advice, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here for you!