Why is paintball so popular among many people?

Paintball is an adventurous and adrenaline-charged sports game where teams compete against each other with colorful paint-splattering markers (paintball guns). Since the first official game in 1981, paintball adventures have been gathering fans and players around the world. This is no surprise as people of all ages seem to just love immersing themselves in this game’s authentic style of combat.

It is a very social game that allows participants to meet new people and make friends along the way, as well as to strengthen current relationships thanks to the bonding that comes as a result of game planning and strategy implementation.

Benefits of paintball
During paintballing, several important things happen to your body, mind and spirit. Here is just a short list of some of them:
• You get to participate in a thrilling adventure game consisting of running, shooting, and anticipating other people’s tactics to avoid being shot.
• You are improving your endurance through cardiovascular workout, as well getting a full body workout.
• While advancing on the field, your confidence gets boosted. The progress gives you courage to continue and try even harder.
• For those leading a stressful life, paintball is an ideal stress relief activity. It makes your heart work faster, helps with high blood pressure and provides you with a better mood overall.
• Depending on paintball locations, if playing outdoors you also get the chance to spend some time in nature and on fresh air.

What about paintball scenarios?
Paintball games can take place on indoor or outdoor fields, varying in size. Different obstacles are placed around the course to help players with tactical covering, making them think creatively and ahead. At Samy’s Ranch in Medulin, there are many scenarios that players can choose among:
Central Flag is a scenario which engages two competing teams. Each team has a starting base situated at an equal distance from the paintball course center. Teams have the same mission – that to capture the flag located in the middle of the field and transfer it to the opposing team’s base.
Capture the Flag game includes two teams of 3-6 players each. They enter the field and take up their side – a base equally distant from the center of the field. The game is over once all players of the opposing team are eliminated, or when the opposing team’s flag is captured and returned to the team’s own base.
Attack and Defense scenario again engages two teams. The defense team is located in a limited, bounded area where the flag is placed. Defenders are not allowed to leave the base, while attackers can attack from any position on the field. Eliminated players leave the game immediately. How to win? Attackers – manage to remove the flag from the base. Defenders – successfully stop the attackers from removing the flag.
• For The President game, one player is elected as a president and he/she doesn’t have a marker. Players who are part of the same team must transport the person from their base to the base on the opposite side of the paintball field, all while being attacked from the center by the opposing team. The goal is to transfer the president safely from one base to the other.

No matter which scenario ends up being your choice, prepare to have an enormous amount of fun. Even if you don’t decide to become a professional paintball player, you might still get all the benefits that this sport brings. Samy’s Ranch in Medulin, Croatia is open all summer long so you have plenty of opportunities to visit us for an exciting day in the outdoors!