The story about Samy’s Ranch Medulin: why we do what we do

Here at Samy’s Ranch, we take pride in providing a good time to each of our guests while staying in Istria. Our history goes way back to 2003 when, guided by the idea of creating a place that would allow adventurous people to enjoy a whole day in nature, we have decided to lay the foundations of our story.

The ranch is family run with Sandra and Igor being your hosts. Sandra is famous for her love of horses, and she is the one taking care of them, making sure they feel appreciated and happy at all times. The horses do know how to return all the care and pampering, as each one of them has grown to be a unique lovable creature that is like part of the family.

Horse riding tours in south Istria
In order to share these emotions with fellow horse lovers, we have created several guided horseback riding tours for all experience levels.
  • Our shortest, 45 minute tour takes you on a ride through forest trails and meadows where more experienced horse riders can try trotting or even galloping.
  • The 100 minutes long tour leads along intact nature all the way to the sea and provides breathtaking views of the horizon and islands.
  • If you want to indulge in peace and beautiful landscapes while feeling almost alone in your own piece of paradise, our 3-hour guided tour should be your choice. Reserved only for experienced riders, we will explore the very south of Istria all the way to Marlera peninsula and lighthouse.
  • During hot summer days, swimming with horses can be a perfect way of staying active and getting a much needed refreshment. We pass across various landscapes, ending at the beach where we hang out with horses in the sea.
  • For those who prefer to take their time with exploring, we offer horse riding holidays in Istria. A unique blend of untamed nature, comfortable accommodation and horseback riding is bound to become one of the best holidays you ever had.
On the other hand, Igor has always been more into bikes and shooting fields. He is the one you can ask about fun places to go or adventurous things to do in Medulin. Igor is also the go-to person when it comes to discussing paintball strategies and hidden quad routes, and this is one of the main reasons why he decided to share his passion with others.

Paintball adventure in Medulin
Our paintball field is located on the ranch itself, so you can have a whole outdoor experience by combining paintballing with horse riding or quad safari tours. Thanks to JT SplatMaster, a special paintball gun, a thrilling game is available to anyone over 9 years. Various scenarios make the game even funnier and more adrenaline-charged, so families and groups of friends are more than welcome.

Quad safari tours
No matter if you are an experienced driver or beginner, you can join our guided ATV offroad tours. We will take you on a journey through woods and coastline, riveting roads accessible only by ATV vehicles, and in one of them we will stop at Nezakcij, where remnants of the oldest city in Istria still lay preserved. Your adventurous side will definitely get its desired boost!

Besides having a whole lot of fun in each of these activities, you will spend a certain amount of time in nature, which provides numerous benefits for your health and overall well-being. This is what we had in mind when starting Samy’s Ranch journey – having an amazing time while staying in shape and strengthening relationships with your loved ones. If you are ready for it, give us a shout – the whole team will be more than happy to meet you in Medulin!