Your personal Medulin travel guide

Known both for its Riviera and beautiful archipelago with belonging islands, Medulin (near Pula, Croatia) is a small town on the Istrian peninsula, attracting many visitors with a charming atmosphere and interesting sights in its surroundings.

The town was once a small fishing village, which is not a surprise due to its favorable geographical location and closeness to the clear Adriatic Sea. Despite its graduate development into a modern touristic center, Medulin managed to preserve part of its magic and old traditions in its inhabitants’ daily life.

What to do in Medulin?
The town might be of a modest size, but it offers many activities and opportunities to have fun and spend some quality time during your holiday in Istria. No matter if you are a foodie, a nature lover, an adrenaline seeker or just want to spend your vacation in long walks by the sea, Medulin has a solution.
  • The town center provides a wide choice of local restaurants serving delicious meat, seafood and aromatic specialties with truffles. You can also try some great homemade desserts and artisan ice-cream.
  • At the very heart of the town, Vižula peninsula gives you a haven from the city crowd and takes you on a journey through millennial history. Nowadays, an archaeological park has been built in the area, so this is one of the interesting things to do in Medulin, even if you are visiting with kids.
  • Small islands in the town’s archipelago are ideal for those in search of a refreshing day off. Ceja, Levan and Bodulaš are all accessible by taxi boat, and present an ideal place to recharge your batteries.
  • If you are up for exploring south Istria’s nature, a wide choice of outdoor activities is waiting for you. An adrenaline park deep in the woods, Big Game Fishing in the Adriatic, boat trips, horseback riding, snorkeling in Rt Kamenjak, kayaking in Medulin’s archipelago, or a thrilling paintball game are definitely some fun things to do in Medulin.
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  • As Medulin is very close to Pula, if you wish to explore a bit more, you can easily go on a daily trip and visit the Roman colosseum, the Arch of the Sergii, Temple of Augustus, the city’s fortresses and some of the many archaeological sites that lay around.
We hope that we managed to share at least a bit of the love that we have for our little town. It may not be as big and exciting as some others, but it has everything that you need for an amazing holiday in Croatia. Join us at Samy’s Ranch and explore Medulin and south Istria like never before – high up from a saddle or down below from a quad’s steering wheel.