quad adventures

You need a drivers licence (for cars) to be able to drive a quad. Quads are for one or two persons and the drivers can switch once during the tour. They are equipped with a trunk that can fit one backpack. The helmet is included in the price of the tours.

You need to come 20 minutes before the start of the tour for briefing and safety instructions. In the summer the roads can be dusty, in the winter there can be mud. Please dress up accordingly for the time of the year. Juveniles exclusively accompanied by their parents.
IMPORTANT: We do not race, we drive fast enough for the tours to be fun, but slow enough to be safe.


Tour 1

App. 45 min
We start from the ranch and head out to the woods on off-road tracks, continuing through the nature passing the places accessible only by an off-road vehicle.
1 person / 1 quad 200HRK (approx. 28€)
2 persons / 1 quad 250HRK (approx. 35€)

Tour 2

App. 100 min
We ride along paths in the woods towards the sea, continuing along the coastline, passing next to 30 wonderful natural bays of crystal-clear sea and a view at the sea and nearby islands.
1 person / 1 quad 350HRK (approx. 48€)
2 persons / 1 quad 450HRK (approx. 62€)

Tour 3

App. 4 hours
Includes Tour 1 + a tour of “Nezakcij” - remnants of the oldest city in Istria + a thrilling downhill drive through the forest up to fish-farming “Budava” + TOUR 2 + we stop for swimming in one of the bays, just next to a beach bar. Bring swim suits and something to change in after the swim.
1 person / 1 quad 550HRK (approx. 75€)
2 persons / 1 quad 700HRK (approx. 95€)