A 7-day trip through Istria


This seven-day trip offers a unique travel experience of horseback riding through the intact regions of Istrian nature.

Your vacation starts in Medulin. Along 80 km of well-developed coastline, bays and coves, we find six picturesque places. Just like our own planet, more than three quarters of the Riviera are covered with top quality sea. From almost every vantage point, you can admire the great blue surface, with the richness of flora and fauna intensifying the quality of your stay.

On the one side, the wild untamed nature, and on the other, comfortable hotels, camps and suites, with a wide range of programs, present an ideal vacation resource.

You will be accommodated in the hotel right next to the sea, where we will meet before dinner. The next morning, after breakfast, we will take you to the ranch, where you will meet our horses and the guide, your faithful companions for the following couple of days.


Day 1

The adventure begins! We start off from the ranch riding through forest tracks and meadows, to the sea, where we continue along the beach through the intact nature with a beautiful view stretching across the sea and the islands. We then come to a quiet bay where we rest our horses and dine right next to the sea, followed by a ride through wild nature to the traditional Istrian village of Valtura, where we stay at a local family farm, to try out the Istrian specialties and deserts. Valtura is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The most precious finding is Nezakcij, an archeologist's delight situated only 2 km from the village.

Day 2

Shorty after riding off, we tour the ancient town of Nezakcij. Its architecture dates back to the Bronze age. It was a political and religious center and the capital of the tribal federation of Histrians. A decisive battle took place here in 177. B.C. between the Romans and the Histrians, after which Nezakcij became a roman military outpost. We continue along forest tracks to vineyards and olive gardens, before we gallop our way to our next destination, Manjadvorci. This is one of those places in which we simultaneously feel the closeness of the sea and the magic of continental Istria. Basically, the piece and quiet of a proper vacation, in touch with a rural ambient, and all the requirements of a comfortable stay. After settling in, you will have the chance to do sightseeing in Pula (19 km), Istria's largest city, the place of antique beauties, particularly its amphitheater. Upon return, our hosts will prepare a delicious meal accompanied by Malvasia wine. 

Day 3

Today we set off by riding to a place with a thrilling view at the Rasa bay, where the river Rasa flows into the Adriatic, which, together with the lime background, gives the unique turquoise blue color of the sea. After a short break, we come down to the valley of the river, and ride along its bank until we reach an idyllic picnic place. After our meal, we ride along the river valley. On the left and right side of the 200 m high canon, confluents of the river occasionally flow into the canon, as we arrive at the mountainous area of Istria, our lodging for the day. In the valley, among the beautiful hills of Istria, we find Gologorički dol, a place of authentic Istrian agronomic tourism, where the hosts grow their own groceries for the dishes the offer. The scents and tastes of their menus will entice you along with their home-made wine. To round up our exquisite culinary trip, we finish off with deserts: the delicious “fritula”, the sweet-smelling “cukerancic” (from the Italian word for sugar), and a special little beverage named “pasareta”.

Day 4

Breakfast is followed by sightseeing of the property and a clear creek that flows through it, making a natural high waterfall, with water descending into a clear pond, with geese and ducks delightfully bathing together with other farm animals. Our ride takes us uphill, offering thrilling views over the neighboring hills and villages. Riding along the hill we reach Berma, the place known for its chapel with rich medieval frescoes and St. Martin's church. We dine in a local tavern, then ride joyfully to Sv. Petar u Šumi, our next lodging. At the end of the day, those who still have power in their legs can visit the impressive St. Peter and Paul Church, daring back to 1755.

Day 5

Riding across the central part of Istria, we will notice a typical little Istrian house, called “Kazun”. They are round-shaped, built with dry-stone walls using local stones, without any binding material or windows. At the top of the roof there are cone-shaped stone decorations. These houses were initially built as tool sheds, and shelter for shepherds during storms. We will then make a short break on the restored Istrian “stancij” (resting spot). Riding along the hundred-year-old olive gardens, we reach the farm where we taste sheep cheese and home-made cottage cheese. This is our destination for the day.

Day 6

Following overwhelming breakfast, we return to the ranch in Medulin, galloping through the green meadows and protected forest of the Park. The narrow and windy paths like labyrinths on every corner reveal a hidden surprise, a small animal or an astonishing example of the forest flora. The sun rays penetrate the high treetops, only so much to reveal each little forest track. It is as beautiful in the spring, when the ground is covered with cyclamen, as in the autumn, when various mushroom caps stick out of the carpet of fallen leaves. Revel in their natural habitat, but do not pick anything! All the floura and fauna in this forest in protected so it is only the fond memories of the natural beauties you may take away with you. Upon arrival at the ranch and unsaddling, we dine and return to the hotel where we have dinner.

Prices per person

935 €
Single room supplement
101 €
Shared Transfer Pula Airport - per person
20 €
Shared Transfer Rijeka Airport (Krk) 1-4 person
170 €
Shared Transfer Ljubljana airport (SLO) 1-4 person
210 €
Shared Transfer Station Koper (SLO) 1-4 person
125 €
Shared Transfer Ronchi Trieste (IT) airport 1 to 4 person
165 €
Shared Transfer Station Trieste (IT) 1-4 person
140 €