Benefits of spending time in nature doing fun family activities

If we had to describe Istria in a single sentence, it would be “a magical blend of charming coastal towns and beaches, natural wonders, delicious cuisine and oh-so-lovely hilltop fortresses and villages”. This Mediterranean peninsula is the ideal choice for nature lovers in search of exploration and rest, no matter if they prefer breathtaking sea views and places or intact greenery of woods and fields.

Istria is great both for a couple’s getaway and for a group of friends or family wanting to see and do a lot in a short time. Its size allows you to visit a lot of interesting sights during your vacation, as there are plenty of places to explore nearby no matter where in the region you are staying.

Fun things to do outside around the peninsula
Among all the things to do in Istria, outdoor activities are definitely in majority. Spending time in nature exploring hidden treasures or playing some adrenaline-charged sport reduces mental fatigue caused by your usual city environment, increases your concentration and helps reduce any bad feelings you might have before starting. It also works towards lowering your overall stress levels, and if this time is shared with your significant other, family or friends – you can be sure the bonds will get even stronger. Staying connected with nature may also increase your everyday motivation and well-being.
When children are concerned, the benefits of playing or hanging out in nature are endless. Below we list just a few of them:
  • Their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development is improved.
  • Social relations and self-discipline are a lot easier to work on.
  • Spending time away from screens supports their creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Children become more resilient to stress and their mood significantly increases.
  • Confidence gets boosted, which leads to a happier child and, sometime in the future, adult.
There are many fun places to go when thinking about a day in the outdoors here. From north Istria where you can explore hilltop towns and medieval fortresses, go for a ride at one of the aqua parks, to the central part where you can meet dinosaurs, try to escape from a medieval castle or walk around a mysterious cave. All of these are kids friendly activities and some of them are part of Istria’s most known tourist attractions. The southernmost part of the region is most famous for Brijuni National park and cape Kamenjak, both with wonderful nature and providing a break from concrete and roads.

Plan your adventurous day in nature with Samy’s Ranch Medulin
If, however, you prefer visiting a place that allows you both to spend quality time in nature with your loved ones and have an enormous amount of fun, let our ranch be your choice. Located in south Istria near Pula, Samy’s Ranch has something for every horse riding lover, aspiring paintball player, or adventurous quad (ATV) driver. The best things is that the whole family can participate!
  • Horseback riding is only one of the fun things you can do with kids. Our trained guides will support you all along the way and make sure everyone has a nice and comfortable time. Different routes pass across various terrains, and if you feel you need a refreshment – we organize swimming with horses too!
  • If enough family members possess a B driving license, make sure not to miss the quad bike experience. While minors are allowed to board the ATV only accompanied by parents, our vehicles can take up to 2 people at the same time. This will definitely be a ride you won’t forget!
  • Thanks to our JT SplatMaster, we are very happy to provide paintball experience even for kids from the age of 9. This special paintball gun makes the whole adventure less painful and more enjoyable for the whole team. There is hardly something that will make you cooperate more with your siblings than a good, old paintball game!
Let us know about your wishes and vacation plan, and we will make sure to make this a holiday to remember!