Your personal Medulin travel guide

Known both for its Riviera and beautiful archipelago with belonging islands, Medulin (near Pula, Croatia) is a small town on the Istrian peninsula, attracting many visitors with a charming atmosphere and interesting sights in its surroundings.

The town was once a small fishing village, which is not a surprise due to its favorable geographical location and closeness to the clear Adriatic Sea. Despite its graduate development into a modern touristic center, Medulin managed to preserve part of its magic and old traditions in its inhabitants’ daily life.

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The story about Samy’s Ranch Medulin: why we do what we do

Here at Samy’s Ranch, we take pride in providing a good time to each of our guests while staying in Istria. Our history goes way back to 2003 when, guided by the idea of creating a place that would allow adventurous people to enjoy a whole day in nature, we have decided to lay the foundations of our story.

The ranch is family run with Sandra and Igor being your hosts. Sandra is famous for her love of horses, and she is the one taking care of them, making sure they feel appreciated and happy at all times. The horses do know how to return all the care and pampering, as each one of them has grown to be a unique lovable creature that is like part of the family.

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Benefits of spending time in nature doing fun family activities

If we had to describe Istria in a single sentence, it would be “a magical blend of charming coastal towns and beaches, natural wonders, delicious cuisine and oh-so-lovely hilltop fortresses and villages”. This Mediterranean peninsula is the ideal choice for nature lovers in search of exploration and rest, no matter if they prefer breathtaking sea views and places or intact greenery of woods and fields.

Istria is great both for a couple’s getaway and for a group of friends or family wanting to see and do a lot in a short time. Its size allows you to visit a lot of interesting sights during your vacation, as there are plenty of places to explore nearby no matter where in the region you are staying.

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Best things to do in Istria when travelling with family and friends

Despite its rather small size, Istria is undoubtedly one of the most famous regions in Europe. Why is that? A perfect blend of the intact green nature, breathtaking azure sea and rich cultural history and gastronomy make it the perfect choice for your vacation in Croatia.

Istria for nature lovers
  • If you wish to enrich your travel with hills, forests, caves, islands and magnificent views, you may consider it sorted! Brijuni National park, one of Istria’s most loved tourist attractions, is open throughout the year and welcomes explorers with friendly animals and interesting archaeological sites. Cave Baredine will take you on a walk around stalagmites and stalactites, and you might even meet a tiny olm that lives in the lake. Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, as temperatures in the cave tend to be quite… refreshing.

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Paintball adventure for the whole family

Family is one of the essential factors that help an individual feel loved and confident. Growing up in a loving family environment gives us a feeling of security, happiness and deep connection. Moreover, spending quality time among the family provides us with many benefits – less stress, less isolation, longer life and a healthier lifestyle overall, to name just a few.

Samy’s Ranch Medulin, situated in Croatia near Pula, offers various activities that can be undertaken with your family. Whether you are a paintball player (to-be), horse riding lover, or in search of a thrilling quad experience, make sure to include our ranch in your list of amusing things to do with kids in Istria.
Paintball is extremely adventurous and fun for the whole family, but families whose juniors are under 12 can have a tough time finding a paintball field where their kids can play as well. Paintball guns are still guns, and that makes them unsafe for use when the youngest ones are concerned. This is why we have decided to help.

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Why is paintball so popular among many people?

Paintball is an adventurous and adrenaline-charged sports game where teams compete against each other with colorful paint-splattering markers (paintball guns). Since the first official game in 1981, paintball adventures have been gathering fans and players around the world. This is no surprise as people of all ages seem to just love immersing themselves in this game’s authentic style of combat.

It is a very social game that allows participants to meet new people and make friends along the way, as well as to strengthen current relationships thanks to the bonding that comes as a result of game planning and strategy implementation.

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How to prepare for an awesome quad tour

In case you were wondering where to ride ATVs in Istria, here’s your answer! Samy’s Ranch Medulin (near Pula) offers ATV adventure rides which are among the best things to do in Istria during summer, especially if you are a nature lover in search of a thrilling trip through woods, hidden roads and the seaside.

No previous quad bike experience is needed, although the guide adapts to the group. This means that, if all of you are beginners, we will keep a slower pace, allowing for everyone to feel good and drive safely. If the whole group already has some experience in riding a quad, we will go faster but still slow enough to stay safe at all times.

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Why is quad safari the perfect choice for a fun day out

Quad or all-terrain-vehicle / ATV offroad bikes are vehicles that travel on low pressure tires, with a seat straddled by the operator, and with handlebars for steering control. Quads are designed to handle a variety of terrain that most other vehicles cannot.
There are two types of ATV vehicles – those intended for single use and those intended for use by the driver and one passenger (tandem ATVs). It’s strongly advised to wear a helmet when driving it. The bike is ridden like a motorcycle, with the extra wheels providing more stability at slower speeds. In order to ride on quad bikes, you will need to have a valid B category drivers’ license.

Now, enough with the boring bit! :)
When talking about quad bike tours, things like adventure, fun and nature pop in our minds. This is totally expected as quads (or ATVs) are meant to give us a feeling of freedom while following less accessible roads in the outdoors. But besides that, quad bikes provide us with a lot more benefits. We will name only a few, and then it’s up to you to board a bike and start adding to the list!

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A beginner’s guide to Horse Riding

Your first horse riding experience can be a bit scary. You might be afraid that you won’t be able to stay in the saddle for a while, or that your horse may kick you off, or even that he will not want to move once he feels your nervousness. No need to worry – this is completely normal! Even the most experienced and awarded rider was once a beginner, who worked his way through hours and hours of patience, practice and endurance.

If you are ready to give it a try, a guided horseback riding tour might just be what you are looking for! You will get to experience the good sides of horseback riding, while feeling assured that someone professional has your back at all times. Before embarking on your saddled journey, there are a few steps you should make sure to think of:

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Benefits of Horse Riding explained

There is something special about horses and the time spent with them, allowing us to return to our usual world restored and refreshed. Besides horse back riding being a great physical exercise where we get to burn calories and tone our muscles while enjoying nature, horses help us to socialize and meet people with similar interests.

Horse trail riding also works towards improving our body awareness, as we need to be aware of our bodies and the seat at all times. This can be of great help in future challenging life situations where coordination and stability are required. Horse riding is great for children too, since it helps them to work on their balance, core strength and muscles. Our horse riding tours are easily suitable for your youngest ones, enhancing their learning abilities and supporting them with self-confidence development as they progress in their riding skills. Not to mention the amount of fun they are bound to have!

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